Jessi June: A former Jacques girl gets back in touch nsfw

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We’ve featured a lot of truly stunning women between the pages of Jacques magazine, but one of our perennial fan-favorites is the stunning Jessi June. This gorgeous 21-year-old entrepreneur was happy to answer some questions and get back in touch.

At just 21 years of age, Jessi June has achieved more in her career than many of us might in a lifetime. With her smoldering eyes, dangerous curves and inviting lips, she’s earned a legion of adoring fans (over two and a half million on her Google Plus page alone) but also the intense respect and admiration of all those in the fashion and glamor industry who’ve worked with her.

A social media guru, a bold entrepreneur, and absolute sweetheart to work with, Jessi June is the very epitome of the type of woman we like to feature in Jacques – so we were incredibly excited to get back in touch with her.


THEN: The sublime Jessi was an instant fan-favorite in Issue #5 of Jacques.

THEN: The sublime Jessi was an instant fan-favorite in Issue #5 of Jacques.


Jessi! How long ago was it since you posed for Jacques? It was for our special Sports issue and you were an immediate hit with readers. What was it like shooting for Jacques? How did you get involved with the magazine? 

Oh Man… I’m thinking it had to be almost 3 years ago to be honest! I loved the shots, and Jacques found me early on in my career, so it was pretty big for me at the time!

The photographer was very nice, and everyone I dealt with was so awesome and professional! I remember they found my pictures online and contacted me to shoot, and as soon as I saw the great quality of the work and the magazine, how could I say no?


So you were playing tennis in that shoot. How’s your backhand in real life? What’s your sport?

Ha, I still remember that little skirt and the shoes! I wish I could actually play tennis but I’m about as uncoordinated as they come! I’m ok throwing a football, and that’s about it!


Your career has been skyrocketing for the last few years. What are some of the big things you’ve been involved with recently, and where can fans check them out?

Well, ever since Jacques, with my first published nude photos, the whole sexy thing took off, and I’ve worked with Playboy, Penthouse, Maxim (as both a model and a writer for 10 international editions), and a ton of other stuff.

I don’t want to be one of those name dropping people just listing shit off, but a quick glance at my G+ page, with 2.5 million followers will probably tell ya more!


You’ve also earned quite the reputation as a social media guru – especially on Reddit and Google Plus. Why do you think you’ve made such a big and successful impact on social media? Where did you learn to do what you do?

Honestly, I think it’s just because I keep it real… I have one name, one account, on everything. I’m not trying to use a pseudonym for my modeling, a real name for my family, and scattering everything that way. I’m one person to everyone, and I keep it real and honest!

If I do something, shoot something, whatever, I live up to it! The internet respects people who keep it honest and humble, and that helps make people enjoy following you, because they know they can believe what you say, and you’re not just looking to sell them something or get them to vote on something or whatever other way of using them for profit, like so many people are only looking to do.


You’ve made an appearance on Reddit’s /r/gonewild subreddit quite a few times (to thunderous applause and an avalanche of karma.) What tips do you have for readers considering sharing their saucy snaps with Redditors?

Well, I do love Reddit! Knowing I’m one of the top ten all time r/Gonewild posts is pretty amazing considering how many gorgeous women submit themselves every day.

I would tell girls to just have fun with it and don’t worry about the up votes. Post pics you like, your comfortable with, and doing whatever you want to do. Your comfort will show through in your sexiness, and no one likes those awkward, “I don’t really like this, but I think you will and I want Karma” looks some girls do… You can just tell when it’s not natural.

Just do you, and plenty of people will like it, even if it doesn’t make front page every time.



Jessi’s posts on Reddit’s /gonewild subreddit are some of the highest-ranked ever. She’s swimming in Karma.


You’re best known for your looks, and for being a beautiful model. Do you think this has led to people overlooking other awesome attributes that you possess?

I have other attributes? Quit talking crazy! Lol.

I mean, look: facts are facts, and when a girl makes a living off her looks, a lot of people are going to assume she couldn’t do much else. The first mistake there is generalizing, whether it’s on models or any one else, and the second mistake is assuming, which doesn’t always work out well either. I know a girl who’s been in Playboy more times then I can count, has traveled this country up and done and is almost done with her PhD. Sure, there are some girls who are dumb as a box of rocks in this world, but it’s never good to generalize.

As for me? I think I’ve made enough of a reputation out there for other stuff like the social media growth and the writing that people view me more as a business woman now than just a model, and I love that fact! But it did take some time to overcome the stereotype. But what’s life without hurdles?? ;)


Beyond your looks, what one thing about yourself do you think would make people want to know you better?

Man, I would think that they have Jessi June overload right now between Facebook, Twitter, G+, etc. But, I guess it would be how hard I work. That’s one of the most common things brought up by the fans on my Social sites.

If I’m not shooting, I’m booking in more shoots. I travel 365 days a year, don’t have a home base, and work about 320-330 days a year. No vacations, no real breaks, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. That’s usually what gets people asking the most questions, because they think I’m half insane, not out partying and socializing and whatnot.


You’re clearly destined for fame and fortune – where do you plan on being in five years time?

5 years?? Well, hopefully still modeling and busy being the CEO of my own company.

I’m dabbling in a couple different businesses right now and looking into getting some things ramped up before my modeling starts to slow down. I mean, I’m only 21, so I still have some time ahead of me before I need to worry about the modeling dying down, but I want to get things rolling now, so when my first few attempts at business fail (as so many first attempts do as people learn), I can still lean on my modeling while I get the next generation of business rolling.

I won’t be one of these girls out begging for Hollywood roles; that’s just not my style. I want to be the one behind things, not the talent.


And finally – if the stars aligned, would we ever have the chance of seeing you in the pages of Jacques magazine again?

I would absolutely love to! In fact, go tell your editor to call me and let’s get a shoot scheduled in so I can get all sexied up and naked for your awesome readers! Go on, get going! And you readers out there… Let the magazine know it’s time to double down on some Jessi June and let’s get this rolling! It’s been too long! :)


NOW: A B/W from film photographer David Strange (

NOW: A B/W from film photographer David Strange (



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  1. Rumple S says:

    Jessi is a gem for sure. Keep up the great modeling work.

  2. Alan J says:

    I am impressed that she chose from the beginning to hold a single persona for all her online and offline interactions with the world. People are so worried about how it can affect them, that to have made that decision early makes it much easier to be who she is, not who she has to be for each separate audience. It’s a great example to others.

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